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Rich’s Plant Health Care provides expert tree care in Delaware County, PA. Call 610-840-2655 to learn more about our certified arborist services and schedule your free property inspection.

Our Tree Care Services

Your property’s trees increase the value of your home, provide shade from the summer heat, and enhance the beauty of your landscape. To keep your trees healthy for decades to come, it’s important to give them the best care available by hiring a Certified Arborist. Certified Arborists have specialized training in tree management and science, giving them the knowledge to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of your property.

Rick’s Plant Health Care tree care services in Delaware County include:

Residential Tree Care – Just like people, trees need regular preventive care to be healthy. We recommend residential tree inspections in the spring or fall, two critical times of year for tree health. Our Certified Arborists will identify early signs of disease and offer treatments when needed.

Deep Root Feeding – Deep root feeding helps your trees grow to their full potential. A pipe is buried near the roots of the tree, then an environmentally safe, non-toxic combination of optimized liquid nutrients is delivered through it. This keeps the solution away from children and pets by delivering it exactly where it is needed.

Soil Injections – Soil injections are another method that allows us to target treatments to your tree instead of spreading them across your landscaping. These injections are directed into the soil near the base of the tree to provide protection from disease and insects and only used as a last resort since they are not the most environmentally friendly option.

Trunk Injections – We use trunk injections for Emerald Ash Borers in Delaware County. This approach involves injecting pesticides directly into the trunk of an infected tree where larvae feed, halting the infestation.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment – With our regular property inspections, we can catch Emerald Ash Borer infestations in their earliest stages, which gives our trunk injections the best chance to save your tree from having to be removed from your property.

Spotted Lanternfly Treatment – Spotted lanternflies are swarming insects that feed on and damage oaks, willows, maples, pines, birch trees, cherry trees, apple trees, and their favorite, ailanthus trees. Treatment can be applied to bark in some cases or, more often, injected into the trunk.

Growth Regulation – Growth regulators delay the natural growth of trees, reducing the amount of maintenance needed and helping them to grow healthier. These treatments are injected into the soil and are most beneficial when used to heal damaged trees. If you find your trees are suffering from root damage whether it be from construction vehicles or lawn mowers, growth regulation treatment is a great option to restore your trees back to health.

About Us

Rick’s Plant Health Care was founded by Certified Arborist and Applicator John Rogalsky. The business started as a division of Rick’s Tree Service, but was later sold to John, who now runs it as a separate company. When he isn’t out in the field providing expert arborist services, John stays current on the latest tree care research so he can provide clients in Delaware County cutting-edge treatment options.

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If you’ve been noticing the plants on your property don’t seem to look the way they once did, or if you want to make sure you maintain their health, give us a call today. We will schedule a time to walk the property with our Certified Arborist and ensure your landscape stay healthy and beautiful all year long.

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