Insect & Disease Control


Our approach to insect and disease management is to assess each homeowner’s unique property and develop a plan for insect and disease management based on the size of the property, the number of trees and shrubs, and other factors. As Arborists, our care experts are trained to know what types of pests and disease are common in this area and what types of insects and diseases are a threat to the particular species of trees and shrubs on a property. Our team members know the life cycle and habits of the most common insects and pests and can help you plan a proactive strategy to provide protection designed for your trees and shrubs before they become a target for tree insects and disease. This comprehensive approach saves you money by creating a treatment plan designed to prevent infestations and disease rather than treating the trees and shrubs after insects or diseases have become a problem.

tree care soil injections


Soil Injections are used to inject nutrients and pest control elements deep into the soil near the root of the tree for a safer and more effective way to make sure your trees are protected from various insects and diseases.


Trunk Injections refer to a process where small holes are drilled into the tree so that pesticides can be directly injected into the trunk to keep your trees healthy and protected from invasive pests and disease.


Growth Regulator is an effective product we inject into the soil to allow trees and shrubs to grow at a controlled rate. This provides many health benefits for your trees, plants, and shrubs and allows them to become more stress resistant. From your perspective, it reduces the amount of pruning and general maintenance required to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

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If you’ve been noticing the trees and shrubs on your property don’t seem to look the way they once did, or if you want to make sure you maintain their health, give us a call today. We will schedule a time to walk the property with our Certified Arborist and ensure your landscape stay healthy and beautiful all year long. We service Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

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